Discover a better solution to your healthcare retention and recruiting needs.

The right resources and support to help you run more efficiently.

Firstat is a recruiting firm that works exclusively in the Healthcare industry. We provide our clients with creative, cost effective solutions to find top talent and fill key clinical, administrative and executive positions.

Since our start in 1997, we have consistently met the needs of our clients. We are one of only two firms that have been awarded the Ohio Hospital Association’s OHA Solutions Distinguished Service Award.

Recognized as a provider of the highest quality healthcare professionals.

We're specialists so we provide a better talent solution, quicker and more cost effectively than others.

A valued partner that assists our clients meet their staffing requirements and maximize their bottom lines.

Providing valuable insight on the state of medical staffing and guide you in making the best choices.

What You Can Expect From Us:

We will take our direction from you. We will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and will tailor our solutions to achieve your goals.

We will maintain the highest level of integrity, honesty and ethics and we will work to earn the status of your trusted advisor.

We will customize our services to fit your specific needs and provide you with results that exceed your expectations.

We are a member in good standing with the
Ohio Recruiters Association.